When Tu Chuming heard these words,Suddenly came the spirit,Because he found his strength,Found a support point for self-confidence。

“Everyone has different physical strength,The heat generated is different,The quality of the gas is of course different。Just like you,Even if you have learned the qi,Energize,Can’t kill me,And I can kill you with one punch!It’s because the total amount of qi in our body is different。
It’s like two battleships meet,I have more ammunition than you,My defense is thicker than you,You are naturally defeated。You want to practice gang energy,There are several ways,The first is to breathe,Convert external energy into used,You have learned good vomiting,I don’t need to teach you this。”
“It’s just that the effect of breathing out and raising qi is too slow,Unless you find a treasured Feng Shui with plenty of vitality,If in an ordinary city,You won’t be able to keep a lot of qi after a hundred years of practice。”
Tu Chuan stretched out his arms,Void pushed a few times,Keep saying:“This second method,Just take medicine,Improve physical fitness,Improve physical strength,Just like those martial arts who eat the treasures of heaven and earth,Natural power rises。
But this kind of good stuff can be met but not sought,And if it is not handled well,The hidden danger is not small。as far as I know,There is only one drug,Is the most conducive to the martial arts。”
Speaking of which,Tu Chuping stopped suddenly,Staring at Lu Menglin with piercing eyes,Smile on his face。
A thought flashed in Lu Menglin’s heart,Can’t help but blurt out:“Secret medicine?Is it?”
“Ok,You are not too stupid!The secret medicine of Heino Lab,It is indeed the fastest medicine for martial artists,And the secret medicine is graded,The higher the rank, the more expensive the secret medicine is,But the less negative effect。”Tu Ching Chu carried one arm behind him,Speak slowly。
“The secret medicine is also graded?”This is the first time Lu Menglin heard of this kind of thing,Information on Hainuo Lab and Secret Medicine,Has always been extremely confidential,It’s hard for outsiders to understand。
“There are high and low secret medicine samurai,Of course the secret medicine is also graded。But these things are not something you should know。You should concentrate on martial arts first,Let’s talk about it after this month!”Tu Ching chuckled。
Only then did Lu Menglin remember the identity of the other party,This one-armed monster is the top master of the secret medicine samurai,Asking him about this kind of thing is like asking blindly,How could he tell himself?
“You have learned the mystery of Gang Jin,From now on,You start practicing!Bodyguard first,Practice hitting again。But you remember,With your current physical strength,Play up to nine gangs a day,More will damage itself,Master it!I’ll see you again in three days。”
After speaking,Tu Chuming turned around and left,Disappeared deep in the dense forest in a short while。
Lu Menglin stayed alone in this clearing,Silently remembering every word Tu Qinqin said。
After a long time,Lu Menglin’s heart moved slightly,Closed pores all over,Staring at the stone wall in front of you,Sudden punch。