“Help!Killed!Help!”Huang Mao suddenly screamed in fright,Unspeakable grievance in the voice,Obviously they owed themselves money first。

“Stop yelling,I’ll pay the money for Aunt Qin!”
Lin Yu said coldly,Since I am resurrected,Then these debts should be paid by themselves。
“Young man,How can this work,You and me for the first time,How can you pay me back?”Lin Yu’s mother looked at Lin Yu with some doubts,do not know why,This guy gave her a feeling of deja vu。
For Lin Yu knowing her surname,She is not surprised,Many netizens know that the son has given his life bravely for righteousness,Her name and contact information were also stripped,Many kind people will come to see off their son,She declined。
“it is good,This is what you said,Then you give us the money。”Huang Mao doesn’t care why Lin Yu pays others back,As long as you can get the money,Even if his task is completed。
“Give me three days。”Lin Yu said。
“”Huang Mao is a bit speechless,So awesome,I thought I could get the money right away。
“how?you do not believe me?”
Seeing Huang Mao did not speak,Lin Yu frowned,A bit cold tone。
“Believe,Believe,But elder brother, you have to tell me your name?”Looking at Lin Yu’s cold eyes,Huang Mao couldn’t help shivering。
first name?
Yes indeed,Hurry in the morning,I didn’t even have time to read this person’s name。
“do not worry,I promised you will do it,such,Three days later,Still here,Just come here,I’ll pay you back with the profits。”
Lin Yu is so confident,All on my own body。
He thought that since he could live in the nursing center,This young man is ordinary at home,At least you can get a hundred or two hundred thousand.,First use,Wait till I make money,Go back again。