[What happens if you use a fake condom]_counterfeiting_harm

[What happens if you use a fake condom]_counterfeiting_harm

Condoms are often referred to as condoms. They are a more common form of contraception. They are usually used to prevent pregnancy. They mainly prevent the combination of eggs and sperm. There are many types of condoms and brands on the market.However, the quality and feel of condoms produced by different manufacturers are different. Condom contraception can also prevent many diseases.

What happens if I use a fake condom?

The quality of fake condoms is definitely not a problem. If a couple breaks a condom in love, it will be a big deal. If there is an accidental pregnancy, if you want to make up for it, you must take a contraceptive.There is also a miscarriage, no matter which kind of harm is extremely great.

The use of fake condoms will inevitably cause disharmony between husband and wife, which will affect the relationship between the two parties over time, resulting in no longer closeness between each other, and easily lead to family conflicts.

Certain precautions when using a condom: First, do not place the condom near a heat source, because long-term proximity to the heat source will cause the rubber of the condom to age.

Secondly, if the male is using the condom, because of the wrong orientation caused by the placement, it is recommended to use a new condom, otherwise the female’s body will cause some impact.

Third, check the date of condoms before using them. There is still an expiration date. If it is an expired condom, do not use it, because condoms in the past are likely to break during sexual intercourse.

Fourth, if a crack or replacement is found while using a condom, the condom needs to be replaced.

Fifth, after using the condom, do not touch the semen and the vagina at the same time. You cannot touch the organs of the woman with your hands at all. You must wash with soap.

Sixth, if the person is using a condom for the first time, the user should practice how to use it in a bright place to ensure that it is properly placed during sexual intercourse.

Seventh, the best time to use a condom is after a male penis is erect.

Apart from contraception, condoms can be used for contraception. There are other methods of contraception. Oral contraceptives can be used for contraception. This is the most comfortable method of contraception. Women can start using contraceptives on the day of menstruation.Birth control pills can help women with symptoms such as abdominal pain and irritability during menstruation.

Second, contraception during the safe period, which is also one of the contraceptive methods that many men like.

Third, by ligating to prevent contraception, male ligation does not affect the sex hormone levels in the body, it just blocks the passage between the sperm and the egg.